Que onda vato, you soy el niño,
the one who you said was a travieso,
the one you claimed caused all the pleito,
the one who long a go you did not care for,
even though your were my maestro.
Fijate a lo que a pasado, its been a long time pero no ando calmado.
See remember the day
I got into a fight con otro niño whose color is white,
he told his story, I said “siempre me busca”,
you said to me “el español no se habla”,
so I got in trouble for speaking Spanish
and my interest in school suddenly vanished.
And to makes things worse you called my papi,
and said i was to blame, so he disciplined me with physical pain.
See Mexican parents respect authority,
my words against yours. Y asi que sufri.
Pues el tiempo paso and things got no better,
it seemed every week you sent home a letter;
telling my parents I was bad in class,
little did you know I felt like an ass.
Como un mudito I sat all alone
listening to a language I don’t speak at home.
And just ‘cause I found the curriculum boring,
you insisted the knowledge I was not learning.
And just ‘cause I spoke with a Mexican accent,
you insisted in wood-shop my time would be spent best.
And just ‘cause I wore a raiders cap to be hip,
you insisted I was on a gangster trip,
and finally because my skin was brown,
se reian los gringos and they put me down.
And you maestro, you could not see
why I got mad cuando se burlaban de mi.
But what hurt more were the comments you made,
you said I was lazy ‘cause no attention I paid.
The truth was that I was afraid,
tenia verguenza and so quiet I stayed.
Those early years really fucked up my mind
and no one I could find understood me at your resist.
School, the place where they treated me as though I was a fool.
So, open your eyes maestro, what do you see?
An addict, a convict, a loud talking spic, a lazy chicano who dont give a shit?
An animal, criminal, psychopath cholo,
a malnourished kid who would nunca grow,
a Mexican boy who aun with an accent he speaks,
another homeboy who never got far,
a drunken thief who breaks into your car?
A hard working Mexicano with 8 kids and a wife,
a convict rapist serving twenty to life!?
Pues sabes que teach? Your were correct,
‘cause all the above you did expect.
See i rose to the level of your expectations.
Fijate teach, I’m your creation. -Unknown(to me at least)

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